In our company we use following technologies:

Injection moulding

Is a process based on injection of plastic components by very high temperature and under high pressure inside the mould to give moulded part the shape. Once the finished product is cooled down, it will be taken out and takes on its final shape. Each of the moulded products can be coloured in any colour. It performs during manufacturing process by combining masterbatches with the used product.

IML In Mould Labeling

Is a decorating process of packaging or other products by using the label which is placed in the injection mould. The whole process occurs during injection moulding. Both paper and polypropylene labels are commonly used as label material. With the applied technology we get very good visual effect and durability of the decorated product. Under certain conditions IML In Mould Labeling improves also barrier properties of packaging. Packaging having plastic labels is fully recycled.


Is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile.

Traditional labelling

Is a decorating process of packaging by using the flexographic label which is applied on packaging wall with the labelling machine.


Is a technique that combines several elements using an adhesive. It can take place by the specialized production line. In this way the adhesive and other combined elements are supplied.

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