As a responsible business partner, we have implemented and carry out quality assurance system in accordance with standards ISO 9000 and HACCP. Modern production lines, state-of-the-art quality control system and involvement of all employees have contributed to the fact that products of MM PRODUKT POLAND are recognized by the customers all over the word.

Implemented quality systems aim at an effective management of production process, while maintaining of the stable quality of products. We focus on implementing of production process to fulfil requirement of HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), which are the basic approach for food companies.

To achieve quality objectives our quality department report directly to the plant manager. During every shift, on a 24/7 basis, the quality of our products is being monitored by a dedicated employee of Control Department. Within quality monitoring we’ve performed standard checks, control procedures and unannounced checks. In addition, our company invests in control tools. Results of the carried out controls are the basis for regular training for all team members. The aim of those training sessions is the constant improvement of quality. The most important goal which we’ve set ourselves is to ensure the quality by the highest protection of the product. All those actions make our company as an obvious choice for your packaging manufacturer.

Environment protection

Taking care of the natural environment we apply current provisions for environmental protection and carefully use natural resources.

During modernisation of the factory we have invested in reducing of electricity consumption and moreover, the heat generated during manufacturing process is being used to heat our factory. This is the natural way to reduce basic energy needs and therefore it protects our common good that is natural environment.

Economical use of resources during manufacturing process and conscious choice of them are treated by our team as a very important element that helps to protect the environment. Our products do not contain heavy metals and are safe for food products!