Company profile

The company MM PRODUKT POLAND was founded at the end of the 90’s and is based in ultra-modern production solutions for manufacture of packaging and components made of plastic. We specialize in production of thin wall packaging decorated by IML.

In addition, we carry out individual production projects for production of plastic products and packaging for the companies with their own brand. Every project is treated individually and we bring our long and international experience, knowledge which we acquire during implementing a project for international customers. Our systems of work which has been developed over the years we connect with knowledge of the market and customer’s needs.

Our customers are international food, chemical and cosmetics companies and our products are present worldwide. The highest priority has quality and safety of the products.

MM PRODUKT POLAND has fully automated and modern production lines equipped with the fastest and most energy-saving injection moulding machines with IML robots and another equipment. To make our offer complete we apply HOTMELT method and flexographic labelling machines.


Continuously following to the market trends and modern technologies in terms of the production of plastic products caused contributed to the fact that we can be proud of one of the most advanced machine park in Europe.

We owe our success in cooperation with customers to involvement of the whole team. As an organisation we employ highly skilled specialists. Our young, full of ideas, dynamic and committed team is responsible for implementation of tasks entrusted them with our partners, from design to delivery of the finished product. Creative thinking connected with understanding of the customer’s needs give a guarantee of success and customer satisfaction. We have the know-how and technological capabilities which we use to face new challenges in view of quality, timeliness, logistic and innovations.

MM Produkt Poland formed a team which is able to help you to create and produce an innovative product.