Our offer includes a wide range of packaging and packaging elements.


The packaging is a trademark of the product so it must be a part of its!

Quality process is to strive for excellence. That is to take care of safety, unique design, durability and suitability for the customer. Offered quality of packaging is ahead of the market trends and ensures a guarantee of originality and functionality. In this way your products will be distinguished from competitors. Excellent design quality causes that your products look unique.

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Printing and in-mould labelling (IML)

IML design is an irreversible process of assembling of label and packaging. It makes possible to present the graphic materials on the surface of packaging.

Using IML technology we receive the unique decorative packaging. Excellent quality of labels resulting from high colour saturation and print sharpness, gives durability and amazing effect consisting of covering and decorating the surface of finished packaging.

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